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We breed the chocolate, blue, lilac, black, red, cream, cinnamon and fawn colors. Our cats are showing at the cat shows and registered on the TICA and they have a great show results. All our cats which we bought have one of the best genetic lines that give us beautiful kittens with great Coby body’s, gorgeous soft short coats, round heads and big open eyes. Also most of our kittens are Showing in a different system to the different countries.

Female Cats

Click here to see more information about mother’s of our kittens or future mothers.

Also on this page we are showing documents of our females and you can see our famous ancestors.

Male Cats

Click here to see fathers of our kittens and their documents. Also we will show their titles in TICA. 

Also you can see pedigrees of them where is showing all generations.

Available Kittens

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Also here you can check our requirements for buying kitten, all information for preparing and read a contract sample.


My name is Olga and I am a breeder Cats Kingdom*USA with 10 years experience. Yes, we started our family-owned business over 10 years ago, and we are proud to say that it's successfully grew over the time because we all love cats. That's why we give them a pieces of our souls. So, be a part of our big family and join us now!

My Licenses and Certificates

Broker Dealer class B

Cat care and training program Certificate

Pet CPR and First Aid Certificate

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<p>What age we can pick our kitten up?</p>

What age we can pick our kitten up?

<p>Will kitten be litter trained?</p>

Will kitten be litter trained?

<p>How often we need to feed a kitten?</p>

How often we need to feed a kitten?

<p>Will kitten be fixed before leaving?</p>

Will kitten be fixed before leaving?

<p>Does kitten have a vaccinations?</p>

Does kitten have a vaccinations?

<p>Will kitten have a pedigree?</p>

Will kitten have a pedigree?

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Our working hours are 9:00AM – 9:00PM.

Monday through Friday.

Address: San Diego, CA 92129

Phone: (857) 207-5346